1.2 cm thick Mantis door made of fishbone wood.

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Mantis + Scava


Mantis model columns, door (12 mm thick) made of fishbone Magma oakwood, Scava model wall-mounted base units and island base units, metal titanium lacquered door (thickness: 25 mm), worktop of the Duna system, height: 4 cm, made with black limestone lamigres with drip-catching system.



Domestic Appliances

Induction hob with Bora integrated filtering extraction system
Siemens built-in oven, code HB656GHS1
Siemens built-in microwave, code BF634LGS1
Siemens coffee machine, code CT636LES6
Siemens combined fridge-freezer, code KI86NAD30
Siemens dishwasher, code SN758D01IE
Barazza stainless steel mixer with hand-shower, code 1RUBMOF1